Project Experience

41. METRAII, Modifying the Greek NRA’s (EETT) LRIC Bottom-Up techno-economic model used for the estimation of Mobile Termination Rates (MTR2-4G) – EETT – Greek NRA
40. TOKEN, Developing a LRIC+ Bottom-Up techno-economic model for the estimation of Broadband wholesale prices, EETT – Greek NRA
39. YME-TV Support of the General Secretary of Telecommunications and Post in the selection of the appropriate technological solution for reception of digital TV signal in White Areas of Greece
38. Securing against intruders and other threats through a NFV-enabled environment -(SHIELD)
37. Kostis Palamas Education and Lifelong Learning programs to publicize and promote the national cultural product”
36. ACEMIND – Advanced Convergent and Easily Manageable Innovative Network Design
35. Broadband network development in white rural areas of Greece
34. Alumni University of Athens
33. PHOTOPOLYS – “Polymeric photonic systems for applications in information technologies” Thalis
32. Modifying the Greek NRA’s (EETT) LRIC Bottom-Up techno-economic model used for the estimation of Mobile Termination Rates (MTR)
31. Developing a LRIC Bottom-Up techno-economic model used for the estimation of Fixed Termination Rates (FTR)
30. Standard framework for accessible and usable platform development for dissemination and promotion of web 2.0, WACCESS2.0, (07EUROSTARS-Ε!5679)
29. HOME Gigabit Access, OMEGA, (IP-ICT-213311)
28. Regulatory, competitive and techno-economic issues raised by NGA deployment initiated by incumbent (end Sep 2010)
27. Consultant for the development of Metropolitan-area Optical Networks of the Region of Peloponnisos
26. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of MANs Business Plans and support to the preparation of the projects under 4th programming period
25. ECOSYS – techno-ECOnomics of integrated communication SYStems and services
24. Demand modelling for Broadband services and techno economic model for the provision of broadband access network
23. Development and demand study
22. M-GUIDE Cultural Location Based Information Services / E-Content
21. Development of Reliable Hybrid FSO/MMW systems for the Deployment of Broadband Services / EUREKA
20. Study of Free Space Optical Networks for broadband access / PYTHAGORAS
19. Competition and Telecommunication Policies
18. Spectrum pricing for GSM-DCS bands (900 – 1800 ΜΗz)
17. Policy options & Regulatory Actions for EETT (Greek NRA) in the convergence environment
16. Techno-economic case study for the evaluation of OTE (Hellenic Telecom) access network in Athens-Solonos area.
15. Consulting for the assignment of licenses for FWA.
14. EURESCOM Projects: P901 (Extended investment analysis of telecommunications operator strategies) P917 (BOBAN-Broadband Optical Access Networks), P918 (Integration of IP over Optical Networks).
13. ADSL Pilot project for the provision of Fast Internet & Multimedia.
12. Tool for techno-economic evaluation of network components for the telecommunication networks design. (ERATO)
11. TechnO-ecoNomICs of IP optimised networks and services TONIC (IST-25172).
10. Training program for EETT (Greek NRA)
9. Spectrum Pricing
8. Diversification of PPC to telecommunications
7. Evolution Prospects and Framework – R1044.
6. Tools for Introduction scenario and Techno-economic evaluation of Access Networks / TITAN – 2087:
5. Action Plan for the Information Society of Attica “ATHINA”.
4. Survey of Information Society developments in the CEEC and Mediterranean countries (ESSIS II).
3. OTE-ABS (ADSL Broadband Services)
2. ΟΤΕ-WAVE. Alternatives architectures for IP traffic over WDM optical networks
1. Computing and Measurements of near field in OTE antennas / OTE

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